How to Find a Tax Levy Lawyer?

If you have been served with an IRS levy, you should seek the services of a tax attorney to fight the levy. A tax lawyer has experience in filing formal motions or legal appeals with the IRS and in court of law, as these are often required to establish precedent. They also have an excellent reputation in negotiation and can help you reach a better result than you can achieve on your own. If you are looking for a good tax attorney, consider choosing a tax lawyer with years of experience.

While there are many legal professionals available to assist with tax levy issues, you will likely want to find a local law firm. You may visit at to find some. There are a number of different legal organizations, but the Tax Practice at Chicago-Kent College of Law is dedicated to providing individualized legal services and representation to its clients. This means that you can find a lawyer at a lower cost than you would pay at a traditional law firm or debt relief business.

When looking for a tax lawyer, ask around for referrals. You can ask trusted friends and family members, who may have used a tax attorney before. They know the importance of the case and how high the stakes are. Alternatively, research online for a good tax attorney or browse through the state bar association. Ultimately, you should always contact a tax attorney who is a member of the state bar association.

When looking for a tax attorney, it is important to consider how much time you will need to spend in consultation. While you may find tax attorneys who can answer your questions via email or video chat, you may not want to schedule a meeting with them to discuss your case in person. Emails also allow you to send your documents and supporting documents in a more convenient manner. If you aren’t comfortable using email, you can send the original documents through the mail.

An Enrolled Agent can represent you before the IRS. They understand the tax code and can alert you to potential problems. Tax attorneys are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and can guide you through the complicated tax process. They also have experience in negotiating with the IRS. Enrolled agents can often be less expensive than tax attorneys, and can help you better understand the tax code. They can help you understand the tax code and avoid penalties.

If you have unpaid taxes, you might have received a tax lien or levy from the IRS. Tax liens protect the government’s interest in certain property, while levies are used to seize that property from the taxpayer. If you have received such a notice, you need to consult a tax attorney who has experience in dealing with such situations. It is important to remember that some assets may be exempt from tax levies, such as unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, and some pensions.

There are many benefits to hiring a tax attorney who specializes in levy defense. A qualified tax lawyer will be able to fight a levy on your property and get the debt reduced. Generally, this means that they are well versed in tax laws and can help you avoid additional penalties and interest. They will also know the best ways to get your taxes reduced. For instance, you can request for an installment plan or offer in compromise to lower your debt and receive a smaller payment.

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